1. What is Prophecy.bi and how can it help my business?

Prophecy.bi helps identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and associated data sources in your organization. Through our technology, we aggregate all of the appropriate data onto a dashboard. This dashboard gives you real-time data to help you and your company make better decisions.

2. How does the KPI identification process work?

Phase 1 – Solution Design
We work collaboratively with your internal stakeholders to isolate your KPIs that are necessary to meet your goals and objectives. We map out the data sources to those KPIs and we design the dashboards.

Phase 2 – Solution Development
We implement the design and develop the software tailored specifically to your business.

3. Can Prophecy.bi integrate with my existing data sources?

Yes, Prophecy.bi has robust integration capabilities that allow us to consolidate data from multiple platforms into a single, unified dashboard.

4. Is Prophecy.bi suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries?

Absolutely. Prophecy.bi is designed to be flexible and scalable, catering to businesses of all sizes and across various industries. The dashboards are tailored to meet your specific needs, regardless of your business type.

5. How does Prophecy.bi adapt to changes in my business or market?

We build long-term relationships, offering ongoing support to adapt your KPI strategy as your business evolves. Whether you’re incorporating new KPIs or adjusting to market shifts, we work with you to ensure you’re always one step ahead.

6. What's your pricing model?

Prophecy.bi has a project-based pricing model.